Summer Color Trends For Men’s Fashion

June being pride month and all, everywhere we look we are surrounded by the colors of the rainbow. Why not add more brightness to everyone’s day with your own take on the colors of the rainbow? Men, we’ve got you covered with the scoop on this Summer’s color trends and how to wear them to add some flare to your usual groutfit. 

Mint Green

This minty fresh color looks amazing on a pair of pants! Style with a white or an off-white tee or collared shirt for a look that is sure to reel in some compliments at your next family cookout. 

Pastel Yellow

Forget the mustard yellow that everyone was obsessing over three years ago. Pastel yellow is a summer color that brings a bright, feel-good vibe to any outfit like no other color can. Try wearing pastel yellow accessories or a shirt with a gray suit. If you’re feeling bold, wear a pastel yellow jacket like the man below.


Lavender is great because you can mix it with other pops of color without looking like you’re about to join a circus. This color works nicely as a shirt, paired with a fun pastel yellow bow tie/tie. For pants, wear white, tan or light gray.

Sky Blue

This color is great because it is so easy to wear! Instead of ordinary blue jeans, opt for a pair of sky blue trousers or dress shorts to vamp up your usual casual outfit. This color is also subtle enough to wear as both a jacket and pants for a more formal summer outfit, like this.


If you haven’t joined the “pink isn’t just for girls” movement yet, what are you waiting for? Pink looks effortless on men with both formal and casual outfits. A nice rose-colored shirt with white or tan pants and a fun accessory can be worn during a day in the city, or even a stroll on the beach. To dress it up for nighttime, this color looks great with a gray or navy suit! 

Check out our “Summer Styles” board on Pinterest for more ideas and ways to wear these fun colors!