Choosing Your Wedding Tuxedo: A Simple Guide

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It’s almost Summer time, which means #SummerWeddingSeason! We can practically hear the church bells ringing in the distance. As exciting as this time is, planning can be stressful. From disagreements with your partner over which centerpiece will look better, to deciding who’s sitting where, you might be on the verge of having a mental breakdown. If there’s one thing we can make easier for you, it’s helping you pick out your tuxedo! We’ve got you covered with answers to some questions you may have.

Which style should I get?

Some styles of jackets are notch lapels, peak lapels and shawl collars. Incase you need a quick definition, lapels are the parts on each side of a jacket below the collar that is folded back. Notch lapels are versatile and give off a sporty vibe, and are the most commonly worn style. Peak lapels point upwards and are viewed as more formal. Shawl collars are rounded and modern looking, giving off a sleek nighttime vibe.


(Shown from left to right: Notch Lapel, Peak Lapel, Shawl Collar)

Which material is best?

Linen and cotton are two lightweight options that are best for a beachy, outdoor setting. They give off a cool, comfortable vibe that will look effortless and breezy. Wool/Polyester, Wool/Silk and other Wool blends are better for indoors since they are a heavier material, and they also give off a nighttime sleek/modern look. 


(Shown from left to right: Linen Jacket, Wool/Silk Blend Jacket)

Tie or Bowtie?

It really depends on your own taste! Bowties are considered more formal, but some men prefer a classic tie no matter what. If you’re convinced you need to rock a bowtie, who’s stopping you? (Well, maybe check with the bride first). You could even wear a bowtie and have your groomsmen wear ties. It’s another way to stand out because after all, this day is all about you.

That reminds us…

What will the groomsmen wear?

You want something that will look good on everyone. Don’t choose a style that looks best on a slimmer body if you have a party with men of multiple shapes and sizes. You also want to choose colors for them that will make YOU stand out! Think lighter for them and darker for you, or vice versa. Maybe you want everyone to wear a light grey because you are wearing navy, or maybe you are wearing dark brown and want your groomsmen to wear tan or beige. Here are some more ideas!

Should I rent or buy?

This will depend on how much you are looking to spend. Renting will be cheaper, but if you plan on wearing the ensemble again sometime in the future, you might want to buy. And if you’re a sentimental person, you might just want to keep it for the memories! Renting can sometimes present limited options, so if you are planning on wearing a very special look you may have to consider the cost of purchasing.


Now that you’re an expert on how to choose your tuxedo, go put that knowledge to work! Come visit Tuxedos by Merian in Brockton, MA to get fitted for your tux, or click this link if you’d like us to come to you.