Brockton High Students to Dress for Success Friday March 23

Brockton High School students to ‘dress for success’ Friday

Written by: Erik Potter03/22/12 – 6:00 AM EDT


As a freshman, Andreia Gibau joined the Dress for Success day at Brockton High School. Two years later, she says what she learned that day still influences how she presents herself.

“It really gave me a better outlook on how to dress professionally and about making good impressions,” said Gibau, now 16 and a junior. “It changed my style a bit, and I look a little more professional everywhere I go.”

Friday is the eighth annual Dress for Success day, started by John Merian, owner of Tuxedos by Merian.

This year, the downtown formal wear shop will outfit about 25 kids in tuxes, including Gibau, at no cost.

Those students in return have been encouraging their classmates to don business attire for the day – something suitable for a job interview.

“I’m trying to get the message across about the importance of dressing up, about how to behave, what is good behavior when you’re interviewing (for a job) and how to interview,” Merian said.

That’s a message that school teachers and administrators have embraced, said Principal Susan Szachowicz.

“As a principal who’s tired of telling people to pull up their pants, I love it,” Szachowicz said.

“This focuses on dress, but it’s about presentation, body language, shaking hands in a correct way, looking someone in the eye,” she said. “It’s about people’s impressions of you.”

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